Meet the Owner

Hi there!

We're the Sudweeks Family. (Cassey here)

My husband and I decided to launch this dream of ours in October of 2019. We've grown up in a small town our entire lives, and being small business owners is something we've always hoped for!

We grew up as Wildcat athletes and played multiple sports throughout our Junior High and High School years. I went on to coach Middle School Cheer for almost 5 years. One part I enjoyed most about coaching was the "business" included in the program. I loved the organizing, the managing, and the relationships you build with the general public, just to name a few. When we found out we were pregnant with our third child, we knew it was time to switch gears and chase after the next dream. I took a few months off, while gathering all the info I could and me + lou was launched. 

Matt works a full time job, and I am a busy stay-at-home mom of 3, (who hardly stays at home). Any "stay-at-home" mom would probably agree that you're more on the go than at the house. Now I am no PTO mom of any sorts (you guys are are the GOAT), but between school programs, trips back to the school because, "Mom, I forgot my PE shoes", leaving the house early to get in the drop off line so it doesn't take an extra 45 minutes to pick up your kids, then screeching through a drive through before bouncing down the highway to tumbling, dance, or baseball, all while realizing you forgot to sit out meat for dinner, and man this is just a normal Monday. (I may sound like I'm complaining, but I wouldnt change a single thing.) 

I prefer not to use the "b" word, but I love to be busy. Don't get me wrong sometimes I do complain. I wish I could sleep in. I wish I didn't have to have lazy hair days, and more free time to write, or get a work out in would be great. Matter of fact, we're such a go-go-go family, we thought, "Hey, we should add even more to our plate", and agreed to let our oldest, Kinley, begin All-Star Cheer this year, AND I accepted the assistant Varsity Cheer coaching job at our High School. Some may think Im doing too much, but if we're being super real, I don't place an Amazon order without my husbands blessing, so no worries... we got this. 


Until next time, 

Cassey Sudweeks