Hey Y'all!

I'm Cassey. Owner & Operator here at me + lou!

I’m a wife and mom of 3, born in Texas, raised in New Mexico (but, once a Texan always a Texan... am I right?). For the last 4 years I’ve coached middle school cheer, but after losing my papa, turning 30 in May, having my 3rd baby in August, and SO much prayer and self-reflection, I decided it was time to switch gears. I knew I wanted to be home with my family, but was also fearful because GURL, I love me some people and I thrive off that daily interaction that you just don’t get sometimes being a stay at home mom. Let’s be honest, some days I don’t even get a shower, much less have a conversation with someone older than the age of 9. So I hung up my Pom-Poms and resigned from Cheer, which has been a part of my life since I was little! While I’m completely confident in my decision, I also know ME, and know I can’t sit still long! While I have plenty of things to keep me occupied, I wanted to continue doing something I love, but also provide for my family. I tend to be a YES man, and a fixer, and when I get excited about something, y’all I go ALL in.

This idea of me + lou wasn’t created overnight. Let’s take it back to Junior High home-ec when I first learned how to sew. Our first big project was to make a stuffed animal from a pattern. I was hooked, instantly. From there I continued lessons with my grandma (Linda Lou). We would make all sorts of things from purses, pillows, blankets and eventually my own Halloween costumes. Now I’m no seamstress of any sorts, but I do enjoy hemming my own jeans, making my living curtains, amongst other home projects, and even making my own kids Halloween costumes. In High School I tossed around the idea of being a fashion designer but knew I’d never go far from home, so that dream of mine was just a little far fetched. After HS I worked in a local flower shop where I discovered *yet another* hobby of mine. Designing arrangements came pretty natural to me, and I absolutely loved the excitement and happiness on the other end of delivering flowers to someone.

Since then, I’ve met the man of my dreams, fallen in love, and became a momma which revealed the very best ME imaginable. 

My husband and I have dreamed about being business owners. We toss around LEGIT ideas all the time, and I pray one day I get to bring those ideas to life! But for the first adventure... me + lou. I’ve wanted to open a boutique for years, and one day my husband looked at me and said, “let’s just do it.” 

Ok, get your mind out of the gutter, y’all! He meant open the store! 

Being totally honest, as much as I love fashion and shopping, I have talked myself out of this project for years! Not because of money, or the fear of being capable of running a business; I’ve filled myself with doubt because I myself don’t dress like a boutique owner! I know, I know, y’all, let’s just say it together... HOW DUMB, CASSEY! 

But ok, let’s be real, if you see me around town, chances are I’ve got my Birkenstocks & socks on, I’m wearing black leggings and a wildcat t-shirt of some sort, there’s a 75% chance my hair is thrown up with a bread tie, or maybe on a good day a scrunchie (because those are a thing again y’all!), and I’m probably running into the grocery store because I forgot to thaw meat for dinner, for the 9th night this week. 

But I’m truly living my best life! I have the support and partnership of my wonderful family who’s just as excited about this endeavor as I am. I have the MOST AMAZING Girl Gang who not only say YES, do it! But ask how can we help?

So I’ve decided to say NO to doubt, NO to fear, NO to negativity, and YES to following dreams, today and everyday! I’m gonna keep it real, 99% of the time, (only because sometimes I smile and say, “I’m fine” when I’m really only holding it together with last nights eyelash glue) 

Me + Lou is a women’s and children’s boutique/gift shop. I’ll be partnering with other local, small businesses to bring some of my own ideas to life, but also purchasing from my favorite vendors to bring amazing products to our area! The idea behind it is, there’s something for everyone, right here in Lovington! We will be starting out online, with the occasional pop up shop here and there. My dream is to eventually have my own storefront that operates day to day, where you can not only shop a variety of women and children’s products, but also grab several stems of your favorite fresh florals, a gift for your child’s teacher, and a new candle for the mantle. I also have even bigger dreams to, pack up my merchandise and my family in a vintage travel trailer of some sorts, park downtown and bring the magic of me + lou across NM & TX for special occasions and events!

We’re still working out the logistics of this and I may or may not be making things up as I go along. So for now, I’ll be here in my t-shirt and leggings, drinking the same cup of coffee I’ve microwaved 4 times since I woke up. But all in all, perfectly content, while bringing you all the new pretty things of me + lou!

See ya around!

  • Abby on

    This is such an exciting step friend! Cheering you on all the way, can’t wait to start shopping. 😍🙌🏼❤️

  • Abby on

    This is such an exciting step friend! Cheering you on all the way, can’t wait to start shopping. 😍🙌🏼❤️

  • LInda Lou :) on

    I love your story. I love you and pray for much success with me + lou

  • Hayley on

    Proud of you sizz!

  • Jessica on

    Love the story!!

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